Professional Screening Devices​

Urine Screening Devices

Select from the industry's widest variety of dip, cassette, and all-inclusive cup designs. We offer multiple drug configurations that are 510(k) cleared-to-market, along with many CLIA-waived devices.

Alcohol Screening Devices

Multiple device options are available for breath and saliva screening of alcohol, including some that are DOT approved. In a few simple steps, alcohol-screening results can be obtained at any location.

Cotinine Screening

Rapid determination of smoking status, utilizing urine and oral fluid specimens.

R&R can Screen for anything your business desires!

Benefits as the Employer

Save Money

- Eliminating drug use effectively reduces the number of worker's compensation claims, the cost of hiring and training new employees, and the cost of company liability insurance.

Save Time

- Drug users are more likely to be poor employees or change employers.

Increase Productivity

- Drug free employees tend to work faster, better, and make fewer mistakes. They have fewer absences, and less tardiness.